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103 Brunswick Ave, Gardiner, Maine

Phone 207-751-9836

Rolf work releases the body from long held habits of posture and use to become more comfortable, efficient, and graceful.

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My education about the human body began with a massage apprenticeship in 1980. In 1996, I studied the Rolf Method of Structural Integration, which has informed my work during 25 years of practice in Montpelier, VT. I now practice in a beautiful historic building in Gardiner, Maine.


As a member of the Guild for Structural Integration, I am devoted to the work pioneered by Dr. Ida Rolf, who recognized the cumulative toll of poorly healed injuries, long term strains from work, and postural aberrations on the energy and full functioning of the human body. Structural integration uses a series of interlocking sessions to address restrictions throughout the muscular and skeletal system, and restore the best possible range of movement and function. This series of sessions is a powerful tool for feeling better and correcting imbalances. I have had the pleasure of watching everyone from infants to folks in their 90s benefit tremendously.


My practice includes specific work that focuses on recovery from injuries. I have had specialized training in working with scars. The changes that are possible in situations that many of us have assumed are “just how our bodies will be from now on” have fueled my enthusiasm. Scarring from all manner of sources including accidents, surgeries, burns, and radiation treatments all respond by becoming less stiff, closer in color and texture to the surrounding skin, and more capable of movements that the scarring had reduced. Sometimes, nerve function is restored. Whether you have had a skin graft, a C-section, or a crushed finger, elbow, or ankle, the amazement of seeing circulation returning, proper layering of the structures of the skin re-establishing themselves, and the directional lines of movement within the tissue reorienting is an awesome experience! I invite anyone with scar concerns to come for a consultation.

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